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Tips for clear pool water


  1. All return “eyeballs” should be pointed down at a 45-degree angle and slightly to one side to maximize the circulation of water. When you have your return facing up to create ripples on the surface all you are doing if pushing the water on the surface of the pool. Running a fountain continuously will also decrease filtration.

  2. Check and empty the skimmer basket and pump strainer basket frequently. Failure to do so will negatively impact water circulation as well as put unwanted strain on the filter and pump.

  3. When you operate your filter without a weir door on the skimmer you will not pull debris into the skimmer.

  4. Run your pump for a minimum 8-12 hours a day. The longer the pump runs the more the pool is filtering and the cleaner the pool will stay.

  5. Replace sand in your filter every 3-5 years. If using a cartridge replace every 1-2 years.

  6. Both sand and cartridge filters should be cleaned chemically twice per season. As well as after any algae issues.

  7. Brush your pool walls and floor every week and vacuum as needed.

  8. Always follow the manufacture’s suggestions for whichever chemical system you are using. Not enough chemicals will not sanitize properly, however too many can harm swimmers and the pool.

  9. A clear pool is not always a healthy pool. It is important to test and balance your pool water as need to maintain proper water chemistry. Most chemicals require the water to be in balance in order to be affective.

  10. Always shock the pool in the evening. This will give the chemicals several hours to circulate around the pool and dissipate before people swim the next day.

  11. Take your water to a professional pool store at least once a month for analysis. When taking a sample be sure to take from 18”-20” below the surface and to fill the container all the way up.